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Thank you for your interest in the Housing Development Alliance (HDA). If you have specific questions related to the agency or a program, please contact the appropriate individual listed below. Also, we encourage you to read our Frequently Asked Questions for more detailed information about our work in Appalachian Kentucky.

If you need housing help and would like to inquire about HDA’s home construction/homeownership or home rehab & repair services, please submit this form to get started.

For questions about our Hope Building Program, please contact the Hope Building Program Director.

All volunteer inquiries should go to our Volunteer & Community Coordinator. 

Staff carpenters generally cannot be reached by phone due to the remote locations of their work sites. Questions about HDA work sites and construction projects should be addressed to our Director of Construction. Home Repair and Home Rehab questions can be sent to the Repair Program Manager & Rehab Coordinator.

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Also contact Jane Rose if you’d like HDA to participate in your event!

Questions About Donating? Media-Related Questions? Contact:

If you are interested in doing a news or feature story on the Housing Development Alliance or one of its programs, please contact Mindy. Additionally, any questions about HDA’s website, social media, press materials, and publications can also be addressed to her.

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If you're not sure whom to contact ...

Just call our office at 606-436-0497. Someone will assist you!