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HDA's Local Volunteer Program

Love your local community - get involved!

Eastern Kentuckians have a deep love of this place, which is one of the big reasons why we enjoy having local folks volunteer with us throughout the year and during HDA events! If you are a service-minded person, someone who wants to give back to your community, and/or you want to roll up your sleeves and help people in your own neck of the woods, we invite you to come join one of our construction crews. Plenty of opportunities are available from helping build new homes, pitching in to make home repairs, or challenging yourself, your church, or a civic group you’re a part of during Repair Affair or Community House Raising! If you see something that needs fixin’ in your community, then HDA offers excellent opportunities for you to do something about it.

What You Can Do

No matter your level of experience (from none to expert builder), our professional carpenters appreciate volunteer labor on selected projects throughout the year. Our crews work in all weathers, in many different locations, and on projects of varying scales. Whether you’re a church group looking for an opportunity to serve; a business wanting to show your appreciation and love for the community; a retired architect or engineer who wants to contribute to the betterment of their mountain home; or a school group desiring to do some community service, we always have plenty of work to do and plenty of lives to change! You’ve probably heard people say that the best gift you can give is your time, and we believe that’s true. If you can give a few hours, a day, or longer to building a local family an affordable home or making their home a better place to live, that’s time well-spent. 

With HDA, You Can:

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Have Questions? Need Some Help?

Contact our Volunteer & Community Coordinator or her assistant, who will answer questions about available dates and will be happy to discuss the application process, fees, and deadlines.

Jane Rose Britton, Volunteer & Community Coordinator
Office: 606-436-0497, ext. 2032

Rebekah Vermillion, Volunteer Program Summer Assistant
Office: 606-436-0497