The Ultimate

House Raising Challenge!

This intense challenge is not for everyone. Imagine it: on Day 1, you arrive to our pre-selected worksite, where you find a block foundation and stacks of lumber. Right away, you’re up against the clock, because by the end of the week (that’s only five days), your group will have to turn this pile of materials into a home!

To be successful, you must remain focused, disciplined, determined, and above all, stay on track. Of course, our carpenters will be there to guide and direct you at all times, but the challenge to complete this herculean task rests squarely on your shoulders. Those who make it through to the end win bragging rights, some cool swag and hardware, one heck of a meal, and a special celebratory prize from one of our sponsors. For those who fail to complete the challenge, no such fanfare awaits. Instead, your photo will be tacked up on HDA’s Great Unfinished Wall for all to see. But not all is lost. Afterwards, we’ll celebrate the work you have completed and have a meal together to show our thanks as yet another Appalachian family nears homeownership because of you! 

How to Get Started

Think you have what it takes? Well, come on down and prove it! Here’s what you’ll need:

What Will You Be Doing?

Basically, you’ll be learning how to “dry-in” a home in one week! This work includes:

By the end of the week, you’ll be amazed to see this home – and a family’s dream – taking shape!

What is the Benefit of the Challenge?

HDA’s Ultimate House Raising Challenge gives you the opportunity to be a part of a drastic transformation – both at the worksite and among your group. As the house takes shape before your eyes, your group will grow as a team, learn the value of perseverance, and gain a strong work ethic — not to mention all of those handy construction skills!

What's the Purpose of the $15,000 Sponsorship?

The $15,000 sponsorship extends our limited resources so that we’re able to serve more East Kentucky families in need of high quality, long-lasting, affordable housing. In this way, the impact of the House Raising Challenge goes beyond the house you raise; you also play an important role in sustaining our Homeownership Program for the benefit of future low-income homeowners.

Do You Need Construction Experience?

No. Our carpenters will be onsite at all times to guide you through each phase. Everyone will work together on each phase of the project. (NOTE: Large volunteer groups will be split up into smaller groups – usually 2 or 3, depending on size, and will work in shifts. We do this so that everyone has a job to do at the worksite at all times and to maintain safety during the construction process.) However, The Ultimate House Raising Challenge is a premium volunteer experience. It will test you, so groups that are more skilled may find it more challenging and fulfilling than the projects typically encountered in our traditional volunteer program.

What Happens After You Leave?

After the dry-in, the framing of the house will be inspected according to state regulations. HDA carpenters at the worksite will ensure that all your work is up to code and will pass inspection. Then, certified plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling subcontractors will do their part. After that, the house will be insulated and our carpenters can begin the finish work, including drywall, flooring, painting, interior trim, etc. Altogether, it only takes six to eight weeks to complete the house after the dry-in! Once the home is complete, we will send you a video commemorating your experience and a framed photo of the finished home.

Ready to Sign Up?

Our Volunteer & Community Coordinator and/or her assistant will help get y'all ready to go! We can't wait to see what all you accomplish and wish you the best of luck on this extraordinary challenge. Contact:

Jane Rose ("Janie") Britton, Volunteer & Community Coordinator
Office: 606-436-0497, ext. 2032

Rebekah Vermillion, Volunteer Program Summer Assistant
Office: 606-436-0497