Monthly Giving

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The Carpenter's Helpers

Join our community of monthly donors bringing affordable housing to low-income East Kentucky families in need.

Small monthly donations allow your impact to grow throughout the year. This special group of faithful donors are some of HDA’s most loyal allies in helping low-income families in need have high quality, affordable housing in rural Appalachian Kentucky.

The Carpenter’s Helpers make small, recurring gifts each month that renew automatically. It’s entirely up to you how much you give and for how long, and you can change the amount of your monthly gift and the period over which you give anytime you wish. You may also pause or cancel your gift at anytime.

Monthly giving is an easy, hassle-free option for supporting a cause that’s important to you. Become an HDA Carpenter’s Helper today and help build more homes East Kentucky families can afford!

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Your monthly gift is used to run the year-round programs that support our mission of providing affordable housing – the construction of new homes and rental units and making critical home repairs – to low-income families in need in Appalachian Kentucky.

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Monthly giving is made easy via Network for Good. Simply click below to set up your monthly gift. If you have any questions, please call 606-436-0497 or email 

Give a Monthly Gift

Why Give Monthly?

Monthly gifts ensure your support continues steadfastly throughout the year. It breaks your gift up into smaller amounts that make a big impact – for example, if you give $40 a month, by the end of the year, you will have given $480 to help families in East Kentucky! So, instead of making a large donation all at once, you make it over time. Additionally, it’s a gift that recurs as long as you want it to, sending financial support to the Alliance each month automatically without having to be reminded to do so. 


With one simple form, the donation process is done! Automatic monthly donations mean that you don't have to remember to send in your donation each month - our online system does it for you!


Don't worry about the fuss of reminders to donate. Instead, sit back and relax, knowing that your donation is a sure thing each month! Plus, you'll get more updates, and regular giving makes budgeting a whole lot easier.

Affordable & Flexible

Monthly giving is easier on your pocket book! Instead of making one big gift, you're spreading a gift out across a year. Also, donors can increase, decrease, pause, or stop their gift at anytime.

More Impact

A regular gift made over a longer period of time makes more of a total impact! It provides support East Kentucky families can count on, and it's support HDA will be grateful for each year as we plan programs and projects to help as many families as possible.

What Are the Benefits?

All Carpenter’s Helpers regardless of the size of their monthly gifts receive:

  • monthly email updates 
  • the HDA newsletter, News From Home, by postal mail and our Annual Report via email (or by postal mail, if requested)
  • a specially made HDA-themed Christmas card each year
  • exclusive HDA swag gift bag


If you have questions about HDA’s Monthly Giving Group, The Carpenter’s Helpers, please contact HDA’s Director of Development & Communications Mindy Miller at 606-436-0497 or email her.