Gifts In-Kind

Donations of Goods or Services

For over 25 years, we have partnered with local contractors, businesses, and corporations to bring better and more affordable housing to the people of East Kentucky.

It’s always been our custom to buy our building materials and tools locally so that we invest in the local economy. In fact, on average, HDA spends $1,000 each working hour of every day on local labor, materials, and subcontractors. Throughout our history, we’ve invested over $55 million back into the local economies of Breathitt, Knott, Leslie, and Perry counties – four counties that are considered “persistent poverty counties” by the USDA.

Local businesses who have donated to us over the years have provided us with immense resources, have helped us greatly in providing better futures for low-income eastern Kentucky families in need of affordable housing, and have worked alongside us to build stronger mountain communities. In-kind contributions are very much appreciated and help us as we increase our production goals to serve our next 1,000 families in just the next 10 years.

In-Kind Gifts

Anytime a business or corporation donates materials or services to HDA, these donations are called “gifts in-kind.” So, instead of giving a financial gift in order for HDA to purchase needed materials and services, the business or corporation gives the materials or services as their donation. Examples of this type of gift are building materials (lumber, shingles, nails, siding, insulation, etc.), tools, appliances, equipment, vehicles, and other types of tangible property. (An appraisal prepared by an independent party is required before we can place a dollar value on such gifts as equipment and vehicles.)

Partnering with locally-owned businesses and corporations that have a strong presence in the local community helps make our work possible. In-Kind Gifts are always in need at HDA, especially as we build 18 to 20 new homes each year and make around 75 home repairs in a single year. In addition, our Hope Building trainees, students in our summer internship, volunteers, and participants in fundraising events also need tools and materials as we serve the community and work to bring affordable homes to more families in need. 

Want to Donate?

Every donation of goods and services - no matter how large or small - is deeply appreciated. Contact us for more information or to set up an In-Kind donation today.

Support Us By Giving

If you'd like to be a long-term and ongoing corporate supporter of ours, please contact us! We have had many great relationships through the years and would love to have many more. Find out what the benefits are to those we serve and to you!

Event Sponsorships

HDA hosts annual fundraising events and special community events from time to time for which you can purchase sponsorships. Each sponsorship level comes with its own set of benefits for your business. It's another way to support each other!

Donate a Vehicle

We are deeply grateful for vehicle donations from local automobile dealerships. Our carpenters occasionally need new trucks, and service vehicles are often needed for our Volunteer Program, Hope Building Program, and summer internship.


Want to get more involved and learn more about the work of HDA? If you'd like to be more hands-on and work alongside us on the ground, we'd love to have you join us. Volunteer opportunities are available for groups, so be sure to check them out!