Annual Volunteer & Fundraising Activities

Get Involved By Helping HDA Build & Repair Mountain Homes!

There’s always something we can do to help those in need. Throughout the four counties we serve in East Kentucky (Breathitt, Knott, Leslie, and Perry – all deemed “persistent poverty” counties by the USDA), HDA carpenters build new, affordable homes for low-income families in need of housing and complete home repairs & rehabs for homeowners who need to make their homes better places to live. This work is made possible by our generous funders, donors, and supporters.

We’re also incredibly grateful for the labor of volunteers from right here in the mountains of East Kentucky and from all over the country, who help us get as much work done as possible. Volunteers are always in great need – not only because volunteers help us build and repair more homes than we can on our own, but also because volunteer labor helps us cut back on the costs of labor, making our homes and home repairs even more affordable for those in need in Appalachian East Kentucky.

Each year, we host special events that allow folks the opportunity to play a more active role in building a brighter future for our community! With the help of our donors and sponsors, these events bring volunteer groups from throughout the counties we serve, the state of Kentucky, and from all over the country together to serve low-income Appalachian people in need of new, affordable, and better housing.

Check out our upcoming events below & be sure to sign up!

Donate to HDA Events!

These special events are made possible through the generosity of our funders and donors. If you'd like to be a part of these events and directly help low-income East Kentucky families in need, make a gift today and join us on the journey to serving our next 1,000 families!

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Sponsor An Event!

HDA offers mutually beneficial sponsorship opportunities to foundations, local businesses, civic groups, and individuals. By making larger donations in support of these special events, sponsors have their names recognized on-site, in our publications, and in the local media!

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Upcoming Events

Please be aware that some events are open only to local volunteers (from Breathitt, Knott, Leslie, or Perry Counties in East Kentucky). Other events are open to all volunteers, local and regional (from outside our service area). If you have questions about volunteering, please contact us.

Volunteering for an HDA event has many benefits, including:


for Local Volunteers

July 18-September 30

All volunteers receive a free event T-shirt! Only small groups of 5-10 are needed for each project on any given day. Groups may volunteer for multiple days, depending on the needs of the project. Questions? Call 606-436-0497 and ask for Jane Rose or Rebekah.

A New Event for 2022!

Replacing the HDA Repair Affair, our Repair-A-Thon brings local volunteers together to help 5 very low-income homeowners in need of home repairs that are either small projects or repairs that do not fit the requirements for funding by our year-round Home Repair Program.

Taking place over several weeks and at 5 separate worksites in the counties we serve, volunteers will paint exteriors, stain porches and wheelchair ramps, and build ramps for these homeowners, who are all elderly and/or disabled. 

This event offers income-eligible homeowners the chance to save big on a major need and devote their limited income & savings to other costs, while still maintaining their most important investment – their home!

Heartstrings Houses

for All Volunteers - Local & Regional

Fall 2022-Spring 2023

All volunteers receive a free Heartstrings Houses T-shirt! These projects are all funded by grassroots fundraising efforts. Volunteer labor is very much needed, as well as event sponsorships and donations. Groups may volunteer for multiple days, depending on the needs of the project. Questions? Call 606-436-0497 and ask for Jane Rose or Rebekah.

Help Out with Special Home Repair Projects for Those in Need

Our Heartstrings Houses projects serve homeowners in need of home repairs that don’t meet the requirements of the programs we run year round.

HDA’s Home Repair Program uses funds from many sources, each having its own set of guidelines and requirements. Most of our clients receive a combination of loans and grants to finance the repairs on their home. Sometimes, a homeowner falls just outside the income range to receive a grant or loan for a needed home repair, and that’s why we created Heartstrings Houses!

These projects, which we complete through our own carpenters and groups of volunteers (group size depends on the scale of the project), provide repair services at little to no cost for the homeowner. Heartstrings Houses allows low-income homeowners to continue living independently in their own homes.

Community House Raising

for All Volunteers - Local & Regional

TBA - October 2022

All volunteers receive a free event T-shirt! Groups large and small are needed for this event. Event sponsorships are also available! At the event’s conclusion, local volunteers and regional volunteers are invited to return for a Home Dedication Celebration. For those who can’t attend in-person, we will air the event live. Questions? Call 606-436-0497 and ask for Jane Rose or Rebekah.

Let's All Come Together to Help One Family in Need!

Our signature event, the Community House Raising brings multiple teams of volunteers together from far and wide to build a home for a low-income family who can’t afford the home without the addition of volunteer labor, donations, and funding by event sponsors.

Across 4-6 weeks, the entire home will be built from footer to finish by our carpenters with the help of volunteers! Volunteer groups participate in various aspects of the project: digging the footer, framing, setting trusses, roofing, etc. The low-income family will also participate alongside our volunteers as they provide sweat equity in the building of their home.

After the house has been raised, our carpenters will do the finish work and our subcontractors will do their part (plumbing, etc.). All in all, a true community event, and at the end, a family will have a new home that they own just in time for the holidays!

Want to Participate? Have Questions?

Spots for HDA's Volunteer & Fundraising Events fill up quickly, so we encourage you to sign up as early as you can once our event registration opens. Please direct all questions and requests for information to our Volunteer & Community Coordinator or to our AmeriCorps Direct Service Member.

Jane Rose Britton, Volunteer & Community Coordinator
Office: 606-436-0497

Rebekah Vermillion, AmeriCorps Direct Service Member
Office: 606-436-0497