It took HDA 25 years to serve our first 1,000 families.

Now, you can help serve the next 1,000 families in just 10 years!

The need is great. We are currently working with nearly 300 low-income families on the journey to Homeownership and over 100 very low and low-income homeowners in need of Home Repair. Each week, we receive over 20 inquiries for our programs and services. Your support is greatly needed as we work to meet this demand and serve more people than ever before in Appalachian East Kentucky.

Tracking the Number of Families Served

The Journey to 1,000

Families Helped
*Number updated at the end of each fiscal year. We will update the tally again after July 1, 2023.

Why We Need You

Everyone should have a home they can afford. Housing costs are a family’s greatest expense. For the people of Appalachian East Kentucky, where poverty rates are some of the highest in the nation, housing costs consume nearly half of a family’s income. This reality makes it very difficult for low-income individuals and families to build wealth and keeps them poor. For middle-income folks, who are also struggling in this economy, the high cost of housing limits the funds they have for other life essentials, like healthcare, nutritious food, and transportation.

When you give to the Housing Development Alliance (HDA), you become a key part of everything the Alliance does. With your help, more families will own homes that will help them build financial stability and a better, more promising future. More homeowners will have safer, better, and healthier homes that can stand the test of time, because you helped them get the repairs their home needed.

Families with good homes are stronger. Homeowners with improved homes are stronger. A community is only as strong as its people. Affordable housing can move people out of poverty, and when people are more secure financially, they contribute more to their community and to the local economy.

That’s the power of housing. That’s what the Alliance believes in so strongly. We believe affordable homes can transform lives and build a brighter future for all of Appalachian East Kentucky!

Our donors have helped over 2,900 people have quality affordable homes. Imagine that power at work in the lives of 1,000 more East Kentucky families. Please support affordable housing in East Kentucky today!

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