Pre-Trip Communication

  • Janie Rose Britton, Volunteer Coordinator, will call you 1 month before your trip to review the following information, and again a week before your arrival. Prepare for this call by having the information below available to confirm. This information is based on your group Application and your Construction Information Form. If some reason you do not hear from the Volunteer Coordinator please, give us a call.
  • (max of 6 volunteers per crew)
  • Please tell us how many volunteers will be in each of the following age groups.
    Please list "0" if no volunteers will be attending in that particular age group.
  • *Must have a vehicle for each crew or worksite available to travel and transport volunteers.
    1-5 volunteers = 1 vehicle
    6-10 volunteers = 2 vehicles
  • Please list what type. (Car, Van, Truck, etc.) Please note, buses are not permitted due to the small, winding roads and limited work site parking.
  • Are there any Dietary, Medical or any other special needs we need to be aware of?
  • Do you have a route, departure time and estimated time of arrival planned yet? If so, briefly describe.
  • Please list your questions below.
  • Please list any expectations you hope to have met during your trip.
  • Communication is KEY to a Great Volunteer Experience!

    Please communicate our conversations with your group after each call so every volunteer understands HDA's expectations of the trip. Please, let us know if there are any changes made regarding the following...

    Your contact person has changes
    Your group size changes
    Your trip date changes
    You need to cancel your trip

    If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us via phone at 606-436-0497 or emai at