How to Get Started

Ready to Take The First Step?

Like most things we’d like to do in life, the hardest part is just getting started. If a new home or an improved, repaired home is your goal, then you are about to take the first step on your journey. We are so excited to welcome you to the starting point!

We’re so glad that you’re interested in becoming an HDA homeowner or in working with HDA to repair your home. We believe that every family deserves to have a high quality and affordable home, and our hope is to see every family in eastern Kentucky living in a home like that.

To get the ball rolling on getting you the housing help you need, please fill out and submit our online registration form! Someone from HDA will contact you shortly.

Qualifying for an HDA House

Want to become a homeowner? When a family comes to us for help, we work with them from start to finish. From the moment a family qualifies and papers are signed to the moment we close on the home and the family receives the keys, we’re there with them every step of the way. 

This close relationship allows us to prepare each family for homeownership through Housing Counseling, where our counselor coaches families on managing finances, budgeting, home maintenance, and more so that they have a much better chance at long-term success. The path to homeownership is not a short and simple one – families are not simply given homes; it’s a process that requires commitment, time, and dedication.

If you’re ready to be a homeowner, we can’t wait to meet you! You’ve arrived at exactly the place you need to be, and we look forward to working with you on making your dreams come true.

Where Do We Build Houses?

The Housing Development Alliance (HDA) serves the people of Breathitt, Knott, Leslie, and Perry counties in southeastern Kentucky. Occasionally, if funding allows, we offer our services in Floyd County. Our Homeownership Program is income-based, which means that we primarily serve low-income families. We do, though, offer homes for sale on the open market (meaning that anyone can apply to own them) that are built by our Hope Building Program. You can find out more about those homes here. If you need housing help but do not live in our service area, click here to find a list of sister organizations in our region that may serve you.

How Do You Apply for Homeownership &
How Long Does the Process Take?

Submitting our online form is an excellent way to get started! Another option is to call our office at 606-436-0497 and ask to speak to our Housing Counselor, who will be able to determine if you qualify for our Homeownership Program.

The qualification process time varies based on each individual case. Sometimes, we’ll know within days to weeks as to whether you qualify or not. In some cases, more time is needed. After that, it typically takes about 3 months for us to work with your lenders to set up an affordable home loan package, submit your paperwork to the funding sources, and get you qualified for a loan. If you have to work on your debt or credit, the process could take longer.

Once your loan package is approved, it takes about 2 months for us to buy a piece of land (if necessary). Then, it takes about 5 months for us to build a house. The entire homeownership process from beginning the application to move-in day varies with each situation. Normally, the range is from 10 to 12 months. So, on average, it takes just under a year before you are actually ready to move into your new home. 

How to Qualify

Whether you’re interested in Homeownership or Home Repairs, each HDA program has its own set of qualifications and guidelines. To find out how to qualify for each of these programs, please explore our program pages and contact us should you have any questions.

Homeownership Program

Ready to become a homeowner? Find out everything you need to know about our program, qualifying, and more!

Home Repair Program

Own a home that needs upgrades and repairs? Our crews can help! Find out how to sign up, qualify, and more.