HDA Carpenters

Experienced & Professional. Caring & Committed.

A Crew Like No Other.

Unlike other nonprofit affordable housing developers, the Housing Development Alliance employs and directs its own crew of carpenters. Led by our Director of Construction, each crew member has a decade or more of experience in the construction field. When HDA builds or repairs your home, the work is being done by professional carpenters – not amateur builders. While we certainly welcome volunteers with no construction experience to work alongside us, our work sites remain under the guidance of our on-staff carpenters at all times.

For us, this means that the level of craftsmanship is higher, onsite safety is always assured, the pace of production remains consistent (e.g., we routinely build 18 to 20 new homes each year and repair 60 to 65 homes in a year), and the instruction received by our volunteers, Hope Building trainees, and interns is second to none.  

Our crews purchase materials from local suppliers, which contributes greatly to the local economy, and we always use local contractors for plumbing, septic and sewer system installation, utilities, etc.

Meet the Crew

Director of Construction

John Rudd Caudill

John Rudd Caudill has worked with the Housing Development Alliance since 2006. Mr. Caudill has nearly 30 years of construction experience, 18 years of which he served as the owner/manager of a private company. Since he began working with HDA, he has supervised the construction of approximately 200 new homes and over 500 home repairs.

HDA Staff Carpenters

New Home Construction Carpenters

Ronnie Boyd

Jimmie Benton, Jr.

Steven Hurt

Bobby Partin

Anthony Ritchie

Philip Johnson

Home Repair/Rehabilitation Carpenters

Josh Boyd

Mark Cody

Dustin Moore

Charles "Collin" Mosley

Orville Johnson

Kevin Meadows

Hope Building Program - Lead Construction Trainers

Matt and Lonnie are two of HDA’s most experienced on-staff carpenters. 

Matthew Pratt

Lonnie Walker