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How We Use Your Gift

Donations to the Housing Development Alliance are used to build new homes and make much needed home repairs for low-income East Kentucky families in need of affordable housing. Unlike other charities where you often must wait years to see the impact of your gift, at HDA, we’re not just idealists and dreamers – we’re builders and doers. The impact of your gift is immediately seen and felt! With the help of our donors, funders, and supporters, we build, on average, 18 to 20 new homes each year and repair 50 to 65 homes every year. We’ve built 300 homes and repaired 800 houses in the four Appalachian counties we serve. Since 1993, we’ve served over 2,800 people, and in the next 10 years, we will serve our next 1,000 families.

It is essential that we continue to have the support of our most loyal friends, as well as the added support of many new donors, funders, and supporters so that we may continue to offer affordable housing to the families of Appalachian Kentucky.

HDA Homeowners

See and hear the power of housing at work in the lives of our homeowners! Your support makes these stories possible.

Your Gifts Support:

  • New Home Construction
  • Home Rehabilitation and Repair Projects
  • Development of New Affordable Rental Units
  • The Hope Building Training Program
  • Middle-Income Housing
  • Purchase of Energy Efficient Construction Materials (Saving Our Families Hundreds of Dollars on Utility Costs Yearly)
  • Creation of Affordable Housing Units and Subdivisions to Replace Dilapidated Structures
  • Special Repair and Build Events to Help Low-Income Families
  • Greatest Needs

HDA is one of the few agencies developing and providing affordable housing in East Kentucky. We’re also the only Energy Star builder in our service area, which means we’re the only builder of energy efficient homes that are in such great need in our region today. The average electric bill for an East Kentucky family is $151 a month (often even more). In an HDA house, East Kentucky families typically pay only $60 to $80 a month!

In one of the poorest regions in America, your support has helped us use the power of housing to transform lives and build a brighter future for our communities. Your gifts have not only built and repaired homes, but they’ve also built and repaired lives. And we don’t think it’s a stretch to say that they’ve also helped build and repair the area we serve. Here’s why we say that:

HDA's work in our communities has:

All of this has been accomplished in four East Kentucky counties deemed “persistent poverty counties” by the USDA. We are proud to have a role in the economic development of our region, in providing better, more hopeful futures for East Kentucky families and children, and in improving how people experience life here in eastern Kentucky. Your donation will help us continue this work. 

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Office: 606-436-0497, ext. 2028