2021 Annual Impact Report

2021 was a record year for the Housing Development Alliance. Following a slow "COVID year," we increased our production by building 23 new affordable homes and completing over $850,000 in home repairs - both are HDA records! 

NOTE: Our video lists 22 as the number of homes built, but we were able to add one more in 2021!

By The Numbers

Over 40% of households in our area are inadequately housed.
What did we do to help our community?

  • 23 New Homes Built

    We usually build 17-19 homes in a year, but 2021 pushed us to new heights. With our Gurney's Bend subdivision moving into construction phase, a total of 23 new homeowners were added to our community!

  • 42 Homes Repaired

    The pandemic cast a spotlight on the importance of a good home in ways we haven't seen before. We made over $850,000 in home repairs, improving the homes of 42 low-income homeowners!

  • 5 New Rentals Developed

    The need for good, healthy, affordable places to rent is greater than ever. We developed 5 new rental units in Hazard, KY for low-income and extremely low-income individuals and families!

  • 1,600 Volunteer Hours Recorded

    As pandemic restrictions were lifted in Kentucky, we welcomed 63 volunteers from all over the country to work with us. With health safety measures in place, our volunteers contributed over 1,612 hours of labor!

  • 4 Summer Interns Trained

    In an effort to increase production levels and offer construction training to youth in our community, we hired 4 local high school graduates to work on our construction crews. We hired 1 of them full-time!

  • 83 Families Served

    On our journey to serving our next 1,000 families (in just 10 years!), an additional 83 families received an affordable housing solution in 2021. That brings our total to 172 and counting!

Our Programmatic Work

83 Families Served

Affordable housing is a real win-win-win. Homeowners get a safe, decent, affordable house. It's also good for the local economy. At Allais in Hazard, we partnered with the City to tear down an eyesore, and then, we turned it into a community of 15 new homes - that's 15 taxpayers, 15 customers, 15 families that may have children in the local school system. Housing is economic development.

Low-Income People Served Since 1993



Without our funders, donors, and supporters, the hope of owning a new home would have remained a dream for our 23 new homeowners. Completing months of Housing Counseling to prepare for homeownership and up to 150 hours of sweat equity, these individuals and families steadily worked towards the purchase of their HDA home – a home made affordable for them through your support!

Gurney's Bend

The Allais Redevelopment Project

There are so few houses in this area that are built and sold for less than $200,000-$250,000. So many folks in our area want to be homeowners but can’t afford to buy homes at those prices on the salaries they make. It’s hard to afford a house when you’re making $10 to $12 an hour. This project gives us an opportunity to build 15 affordable houses for families in Perry County.”

Home Repair

66% of owner-occupied housing in our community is valued at less than $50,000. This percentage is based on census data and translates to 9,226 homes. Our experience has taught us that the vast majority of homes valued at less than $50,000 are in need of significant home repair. However, many of these homes are owned by low-income households that do not have savings and cannot afford and/or cannot access loans to repair their homes.

HDA’s Home Repair Program is designed to help very low and low-income households access loans and grants for home repairs completed by HDA carpenters. Repairs range from critical and accessibility repairs to home rehabilitation, which involves two or more major repair projects.

"This home was my father’s and was built in 1986. It hasn’t really changed much, if any. All I was really hoping for was a refinanced heat pump, but I ended up with so much more than what I was looking for! My house looks a lot better, and it feels a lot better.

A single woman ain’t got anyone to depend on, but I have been so blessed. The Lord always steps in at the right time. I’m telling everyone I know! It’s all so nice. My grandson and I are thrilled."


Home Repair Client

"We just never thought we could get all of these repairs done. My wife has severe back problems and couldn't get in and out of the bathtub. She also hadn't come through our front door in years, because she couldn't make it up the steps.

There couldn't be a better repair crew anywhere! They do good work, and they care about people. They want things done right, and they're trustworthy. Our house is much nicer! We're tickled to death with it."

-Granville & Clara,

Home Repair Clients

"Calling HDA was the best decision we ever made! We couldn't have afforded this ourselves. We appreciate the help, and the crew did such great work. They really care. The repairs have made a world of difference! We're just so grateful."

-Kermit & Eva,

Home Repair Clients

“You all will never know how much this ramp means to me, because I have trouble walking. Even just walking from the car to the house, I could tell a world of difference! I appreciate it so much. I talk about it so much to everybody, and they’ve all bragged on it. If you all had done just that one thing, it would have been enough for me. But you all fixed my roof, too, and it’s been a blessing this winter.

I never in my lifetime thought that I’d have help like this. I really needed it! When it’s nice out like today, I walk up and down this ramp to get a little exercise. I love you all for it!”


Home Repair Client

The Journey to 1,000

It took 25 years for us to serve our first 1,000 families in Appalachian East Kentucky. In 2019 we pledged to serve our next 1,000 families in less than half the time! Where are we now on the way to our goal?
172 Families Served

How much money did HDA invest in the local economy?

$ 0


In 2021, HDA had an annual budget of $5,421,654.

Housing Development Alliance, Inc. relies on both private and public revenue sources ranging from private donations to federal grant awards to fund its programs and services. Operating funds are provided by developer fees, donations, and grants.

Total Revenue

$ 0

How Do We Use Our Funding?

We are proud to say that 88% of our funding goes directly to our programs and services that impact the families of our region! The other 10% is spent on management & general operations, with only around 2% spent on fundraising.


2021 Audit Report

The full report from an independent auditor. Here you will find our Statement of Financial Position, our Income Statement, and more.

2019 Form 990

This form provides an overview of our activities & governance as well as detailed financial information. *We will post our 2020 Form 990 as soon as it is available!

Thank You to Our Volunteers!

Listed Alphabetically

First Presbyterian Church Wilmette – Youth Mission Group (HDA’s Ultimate House Raising Challenge Champions!)

Geist Christian Church

St. Bartholomew Church

Temple University Honors Program

Thank You to Our Funders!

Listed Alphabetically

AEP Foundation – Kentucky Power
Affordable Housing Trust Fund (AHTF)
Appalachian Impact Fund (AIF)
Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC)
Berea College Appalachian Fund
Blue Grass Community Foundation
Delores Barr Weaver Fund
Department for Local Government
E.O. Robinson Mountain Fund
Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky (FAKY)
Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB) of Cincinnati
Housing Assistance Council (HAC)
Kentucky Colonels Foundation
Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC)
State Farm Companies Foundation
The James Graham Brown Foundation
The Perry County Community Foundation
The Thompson Charitable Foundation
USDA Rural Development
U.S. Dept. of Energy and KY Energy & Environment Cabinet

Special Thank You to Our Partner

The City of Hazard (KY)

Thank You to Our Donors!

Listed Alphabetically

Adam & Ashley Johnson
AdEast, Inc.
Alison Wells
American Business Systems
Annie Williams
Appalachian Refrigeration, Heating & Cooling 
Ashok Patel, M.D.
Carson Tucker
Cecilia Maggard
Chris Gooch, CPA
Community Trust Bank
Connor & Karrie McBryde
Craig & Helen Favor
Craig’s Heating & Cooling
Dan & Christine Weber
Dexter Melton
Diane Loeffler
Double LL Construction (Marty Lewis)
First Federal Savings & Loan
Fred & Ruth Skaggs
Frieda Mullins
Helen Wells
Jack Rivel
James & Heather East
James & Marcia Brown
Jan Richardson
Jane Rose Britton
Janet Prater-Smith
Jeanne Marie Hibberd
Jeffrey & Marilyn Harris

Jeremy & Evelyn Wood
Jerry & Mary Ann Doll
Krista Glass
Larry & Sally Monroe
Larry King
Margaret Yoke
Martin Douthitt
Matthew & Michelle Doll
Medaris Law Office
Melvin Pollard
Mike & Julie Hodge
Mimi Pickering
Mother of Good Counsel Catholic Church
Pam Short
Peoples Bank & Trust Company
Perry Distributors, Inc.
Randy & Jackie Moon
Robert & Emily Cato
Roger & Barbara Wrisberg
Russell Oliver
Scott & Janet McReynolds
Shane & Nikki Hurley
Terri McReynolds-Gilbert
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
The Mountain Real Estate Company
Timothy J. Dunn
Todd Morgan
Tom & Letha Patterson
Vera Faye Hopper
Vicki Knott

Thank You to The Carpenter's Helpers!

HDA's Monthly Giving Club

Troy & Jennifer Rapp

Larry & Sally Monroe

Timothy J. Dunn

Cecilia Maggard

Craig Favor

Memorial Gifts (Gifts in Memory)

Daniel Spokas by Troy & Jennifer Rapp
Ricky Westman by Richard & Gail Westman
Lonnie Miller by Hazard Rotary Club
Greg Wells by Dr. James & Judy Jolly
Bill & Joyce Cornett by Karen Reuter
Jim Doll by Don Doll, Nathan & Shelly Hawthorne, Dave Doll, Diane Bingham, and John & Kathy Doll
Ryan Beaupre by Carl Tierney
Sam & Ann Turner by Lisa Turner-Schikler

Tribute Gifts (Gifts in Honor)

Jennifer Christian by David C. Christian
Ashley “Howze” Michaud and Mary Clare Dismukes by Jennifer Christian
Scott McReynolds by Deborah Lewis
Troy & Jennifer Rapp by Tammy Talbert
Craig Favor by Otis & Amylyn Crawford-Thornton
Andrew Lunsford by Shawna Jansen
Norm & Donna Vincent by Todd Vincent and Meg Vincent
Chris Doll by Marcia Potthast

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