Annual Reports & Financials

Following the end of each fiscal year, the Housing Development Alliance publishes an Annual Report, which it makes available online for the community. A hard copy of this report can also be sent via postal mail upon request. 

You can view our Annual Reports and 990 tax forms to learn more about our work, how we use our funding and donations, and our impact in Appalachian Kentucky.

Annual Reports

2020 Annual Report

2019 Annual Report:
Building a Brighter Future

HDA's Annual Report provides an update on our work in the region over the last fiscal year.

How We Use Our Funding

Below is a snapshot of where HDA’s funding originates. 

Funding for Our Programs & Services

Aqua = General Revenue
Tan = Federal/State Grants
Green = Private Grants & Donations
Brown = Volunteer Revenue

Over 92% of our funding is spent directly on the programs and services that impact the families of our region. 

Where We Spend Our Funding

Bar 1 (1.53%) = Fundraising
Bar 2 (5.79%) = General Operations
Bar 3 (20.05%) = Home Repairs
Bar 4 (3.14%) = Affordable Rentals
Bar 5 (64.82%) = New Home Construction
Bar 6 (4.67%) = Other